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Ice Cream for Crow, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band [now Communication Breakdown, Led Zeppelin [was playing]

No, wadiddeesay isn’t a lake in eastern Northica.

Every day we get calls to play songs. Understandably callers don’t always know titles or artists, so we often hear lyrics: “could you play the one that goes like, ‘scrape my ears with qtips, baby’, you know, that one,” and we goes like, yeah, and try to figure out what could have inspired that verbal ménage. (Ecstasy, or as we now call it, The Q-tip Song.)

We record memorable requests plus websurf lyrics so we can share reinterpretations with our audience, and perhaps educate the misguided.

  • livin, lovin, chewin the walnut
  • more humid than humid
  • don’t fear (the reefer)
  • Finnish with my woman, cause he couldn’t help me with my mime

To help us research your requests, we keep a set of blown out speakers (we make them all the time) turned low; we think poor sound reproduction creates the most ingenious lyrical missterpieces.

As of 2008, the world officially has a term for these bad boys: mondegreen.

Driftwood Bar and Grille, A Great Time

Calder Music Center

Tattoo Northica

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The Spirit of KJAZ
Listen to a jazz radio tradition since 1959, featuring Jerry Dean.

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