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Another Day in Quicksand, In Flames [now Sober, Tool [was playing]

Tune in every day for your chance to score Awesome Prizes, from tix to free vip admission to concerts to excellent CDs to iPods, even a home theatre system! Our very own Win-Win DJs explain the rules and run everybody’s favorite contests daily! Wow!

Local merchants from the Greater Calder Area offer products with Impact for our loyal listeners while making sure everyone knows the Coolest Places to shop! Add the fun our DJs are having and you have a win-win situation for all!

We run daily contests, and even if you don’t win the Daily, you’re automatically entered in the phenomenal Grand Prize Drawing held every month! Make a note of our studio line and keep it with you At All Times!

For more Chances to Win set your Dial to 103.3 NNRT FM wherever you are and listen to win-win!

Freakin’ gag me. Don’t you hate it when people spout tish like win-win? Yes, your hard work produced a win-win situation, staff. Yeah, you worked your a off, and stockholders reaped enormous profits.

Face it. Anything called a situation is bad to start with. But a win-win situation, clearly one of those phrases designed to hide something. You’d fill a diaper if you knew how much we paid a marketing consultant to write that septic-clogging nonsense. THEY say that’s how you get more listeners, which gets more advertisers, which gets more revenue, which raises employees’ pay...oops, hasn’t quite trickled down to that last part. Surprise.

 • This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you.

So...WE say it our way: tattoo our studio line on the hand that holds the phone, then listen to us embarass ourselves every afternoon reading lame crap until we vomit ourselves silly. You have it easy. And the people who winwin get decent prizes. None of US can afford an iPod.

To enter on-air contests, call our studio line: 663.NNRT (663.6678)

Corporate lingo creeps into everyday language like dry skin, annoying, redundant, and colorless: • do you agree?...not a question, but a demand packaged as a question to confuse you; • let’s revisit that...never a place you would have visited the first time, not like freakin’ Vienna; revisiting just means you didn’ agree with the speaker the first time around, so you’ll discuss it until you do; • we should be proactive...protracted way to say Think before driving off that cliff.

Oh, and what&rsquo's up with the capitalization? We know they don’t teach grammar in business school, but How About lessons In What Not To Capitalize 101. (Same consultant suggested we “rebrand” ourselves NnRt, or nnRT!, some jumbalaya like that.)

Driftwood Bar and Grille, A Great Time

Calder Music Center

Tattoo Northica

Concert Posters

The Spirit of KJAZ
Listen to a jazz radio tradition since 1959, featuring Jerry Dean.

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