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Declare Your War, Throwdown [now Savior, Diecast [was playing]

I pick the band of the week. Artiste. Don’t bitch me out if I pick the same band twice in one month, I don’t keep track and since I’m doing the picking, I’ll pick what I want. I’m busy. And my tastes run in cycles. I like a song or a band for a while, and play the music over and over. Then I dump it like crusty drawers. Besides, the webmaster says I have to have a quote or something to go on the page, and I don’t always have time for that tish. So complain to your mother, not me. She don’t care either, but her inbox could use a little attention. Like I said, I’m busy.

Webmaster my boil-ridden arse. Webwhiner. “You didn’t finish the pa-age.”

— Vic

Driftwood Bar and Grille, A Great Time

Calder Music Center

Tattoo Northica

Concert Posters

The Spirit of KJAZ
Listen to a jazz radio tradition since 1959, featuring Jerry Dean.

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