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Super-Charger Heaven, White Zombie [now Revenge of the Zombie, Six Feet Under [was playing]

Throughout the day, but especially during the morning and evening commutes (when distractions, like cell phones, hot coffee, and makeup have been demonstrated to ease congestion and improve safety), we steal stories off the internet and laugh at the dumbass things people do in Northica and across the world. Japan has featured pretty cool acrobatics with ladders, and don’t even mention chopsticks. Then there’s Brazil and mufflers.

You won’t believe these people.

Everyday Janes and Joes write our material by pursuing asininity. We stopped counting how many times vacuum cleaners accompany single males to hospital ERs. While we aim for milksnorting humor, sometimes people just don’t deliver, and the result is pretty lame. Apparently fhatheads can’t always hurt themselves to entertain us, but when the world lets us down, we just convince Jax to describe the last party he can remember or read the latest email from his X.

Our Legal Department (as he calls himself) advises us to qualify our use of the term ‘steal’. What he means is don’t say steal, we’ll get in trouble. (What he really means is, Don’t say ‘steal’, here’s my bill for telling you not to say ‘steal’, now keep saying ‘steal’ because when you get sued, I get that new townhouse in Hilton Head.) So what we mean by ‘steal’ is “assiduously research public domain, non-proprietary or uncopyrighted materials disseminated without restrictions and share for the common good our own unique, value-added, copyrightable interpretations on-air as an exercise of our right to free speech.”

Driftwood Bar and Grille, A Great Time

Calder Music Center

Tattoo Northica

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The Spirit of KJAZ
Listen to a jazz radio tradition since 1959, featuring Jerry Dean.

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