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We work with clients to provide links to products and services that will likely interest our audience and enhance their visit to Our audience includes young adults, college students, and the elusive at-work websurfer taking a break from daily stresses and looking for entertainment.

You can submit a design or mockup of the proposed advertisement and the pages where you want to advertise, or we can create an ad campaign for you. The following general guidelines typically apply:

  • Image ads: gif, jpg, png, and swf, 150 pixels wide, maximum file size 30K
  • Text ads: 40-character title, 100-character body
  • No audio, pop-ups, or pop-unders
  • No activation fee; deposit for per-click, monthly, or yearly billing

Contact us for further guidelines or special circumstances. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an advertisement that violates our policies.

To discuss advertising your products or services, please contact us at the email address listed on the right.

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Art. The skilled release of imagination.

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nortle presents...

Online enrollment for sports, charities
Easy, cost-effective online signup and payment service for small organizations.
The world's largest development and download repository of open source code and applications.

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