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A Love Supreme, John Coltrane [now The Mark of the Judas, Darkest Hour [was playing]

Advertisers love contests, like when a radio station honors a workplace hero. Workplace heroes, potential heroes, and their friends tune into that station at work for a chance at glory, all day and every day, blasting ads to a whole slew of people who can’t flip channels when an ad comes on (the way they do when they’re in a car) because they’re busy. Working. That is, collecting a paycheck they can spend on the advertised products. At least that’s the theory.

Wahoo. Where’s the fun in that contest?

Besides not quite buying into the Theory, the marketing minds at NNRT know there isn’t a workplace that could play our station and still work. Well, maybe coalgrinders. But then coalgrinders couldn’t hear the ads, which bends over Marketing’s Theory and makes it squeal like a June pig in heat.Or mudwrestlers. Our music enhances mudwrestling.

So let’s give reality a big wet kiss and consider: who listens to our station without interruption? The unemployed.

And who looks out for the guy swallowed by the cushions on his couch, the guy waiting for someone to respond to the X,000th résumé he mailed, the guy that bought more postage than beer last month? Who looks out for the guy whose boss “escorted” him out of the building?And who looks out for the girl who can’t get out of bed, the girl sitting by the phone waiting for anyone to call her back, the girl who rationalizes that she’s not only saving money, but she’s losing weight on a catfood diet? We’ve been there, for Jax’s sake.

A perfect match: NNRT and you.

Besides, workplace heroes already get a freakin paycheck. Forget Joe Smileypants what gets raises, bonuses, his name etched onto a wood laminate plaque, custom kneepads, and trips to the Bahamas with the taste of...nevermind. Point is, heroes can afford to buy their own tish.

So NNRT honors the Bum o’ the Day. Call in and share your story and you might win a gift certificate to Albion’s Liquors: one awarded every weekday. (Hey, we’re working, so we take weekends off. If you don’t like it, get a job.)

To enter on-air contests, call our studio line: 663.NNRT (663.6678)

Thanks to Albion’s for having the vision to support a program that connects with a real audience and not theory. Please thank them in person with a purchase: some day you might need a free drink.

No unemployment check recipients, please. That’s like being employed by the government, you get a check and don’t have to work. All you’re missing is a title (like congressman or senator).

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