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Prized by the savviest reviewers as the pinnacle of vacation destinations, Northica boasts splendid scenery, tasty dining, lovely residents, gracious hosts, and best of all, lively entertainment. Get to know Northica from our online impressions, many fine shops and products, and locally produced films portraying a perspective unique to Northica.

The best in one place.

Imagine the best: lush forest greenery, ocean azure, skies of the bluest hue. Ramble under forest canopies of fir, oak, and maple, observe lolling hills from the gentle lilt of a balloon, sift sand between your toes. Homes stand sublime, parks stretch quietly in the sun, and buildings invite you inside where rich colors of the seasons warm the senses. Homegrown products from apple cider, bicycles, and cars to stunning art, thrilling choppers, and tasteful to outrageous apparel amaze you. That’s all Northica, every day.

The many faces of Northica.

A people’s spirit and ideas make a place. Spend an evening in the resort town of East Calder and get to know the citizens. The streets glow with festive pinpoints of color in winter, spotlit banners in summer. As you pass the grand picture windows at Yesteryear Classics, proprietor Ian Torch might wave you in for a closer look at his sales floor of exquisite antique vehicles, and recount each vehicle's history, owners, and misadventures. Open only by appointment, kids of all ages watch Mr. Torch buff each wheeled jewel to magnificent brilliance as they sit on the only benches in the county that face the building rather than the street.

Turn the corner onto Main Street and you’ll probably see J.B. Leithaus of Leithaus Realty at his desk under the sign that has adorned his office for three generations, while his wife reads palms and Tarot cards with her sister across the street. You can stop in and visit husband or wife for a long or short tale, depending on your interest in the past or the future.

On the sidewalk and in stores you’ll hear local radio, from the edgy NNRT to classical NCRN, reflecting the tastes of the store’s owner or clientele. Don’t be surprised if you meet a familiar voice around town, since the DJs often moonlight, tending bar, driving cabs, or painting clapboards and trim.

Music isn't the only creative expression you’ll notice on Main Street. Half a block toward the park you can browse art and artifacts in NorthicArt Gallery. Run by the knowledgeable Elle Chisamba, professor of art history at the University of Northica, you could spend an entire evening listening to Elle relate the skill and passion of her artists.

Eyes and ears sated, your palate will lead you where townies wet their whistle. Take your seat at any pub and you’ll likely witness a skirmish of ideas between Democrats, Republicans, and Northican Freethinkers, or “nifties.” Nifties find common ground with both right and left, while the only common ground Democrats and Republicans share is their dislike for freethinkers. If you don’t meet a nifty or two in a pub, shoe down to Willow Street, home to non-retail businesses and strong opinions.

Virtual visits.

Please roam our tourism pages to learn more about this wonderful place we call home. You'll meet characters, ideas, and maybe a few spots you'd like to visit.

Beyond these pages you’ll find other ways we bring the ideas and entertainment of Northica to you: sights, sounds, food, and fun. For example, the many counterpoints (available from the navigation menu below) expressthe Northican Freethinker approach: pause and consider, and you might become a nifty too. Plus, in assocation with Vinata Labs and Second Impressionist artist Willem Hawthorne Binney, the Chamber of Commerce presents a film series about Northica. Prepared in Pridentifilm to preserve guest privacy, we hope you enjoy these active slices of Northican life.

Visit often as our crews continually evolve an ever-expanding online library on Northica.


So whenever you need a break, or a deep breath—maybe work has you clamped between its molars, or a voice has just scratched your soul like fingernails on a chalkboard—check out what’s happening in Northica, relax, and enjoy.

Photography courtesy J.B. Leithaus, licensed photographer representing the Robinsdale County Chamber of Commerce.

The fine art of nature. Northicart Gallery.

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