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The Face of Fear, Scars of Tomorrow [now Chains of Humanity, God Forbid [was playing]

Starting at midnight every night we play the previous day’s top twenty song requests. You clicked and picked, we count and play. Shared work. Except if the winners suck, then we promise nothing. Completely arbitrary. We might Respect the Process and play your choice, or play something that curls the short ones tighter.

Not fair? If NNRT were a democracy, we wouldn’t need to ask for money, we’d just balloon your taxes and blame everyone else for the increase.

If you were listening today, you heard:

 20. Mindbreaker, Force of Evil
 19. Wasted Words, Death by Stereo
 18. In the Dark, Romeo Void
 17. The Face of Fear, Scars of Tomorrow
 16. Chains of Humanity, God Forbid
 15. Declare Your War, Throwdown
 14. Out on My Own, Romeo Void
 13. Valor and Vengeance, Since the Flood
 12. Inner Spirit, Soulfly
 11. Suffocating Words, Scars of Tomorrow
 10. Bring the Noise, Anthrax
  9. This Curse of Days, Death by Stereo
  8. Bradley, Coal Chamber
  7. Antihero, God Forbid
  6. A View from Nowhere, Single Bullet Theory
  5. Meaning in Tragedy, As I Lay Dying
  4. Every Time I Die, Children of Bodom
  3. Hung Over on a Tuesday, Dredg
  2. Tragedy, Coal Chamber
  1. 3 Strange Days, School of Fish

To enter on-air contests, call our studio line: 663.NNRT (663.6678)

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Driftwood Bar and Grille, A Great Time

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