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Desert Diamond, Alcatrazz [now Fault and Fracture, Converge [was playing]

Remember cheap, weird toys from when you were a kid? Like those black balls that told your future? Magic 8-Balls. How many drugs did someone have to take to arrive at that twisted idea? You’re passed out on a pool table, drool staining the velvet, and one eye flickers open to see the 8-ball staring at you, waiting to speak your future. Creepy.

In that spirit, Jax Jackson offers you Aks Jax: like the Magic 8-Ball, only more better. Jax sports improved magic balls that he puts at your disposal, and you don’t have to shake a liquid-filled plastic cube. Just type and click...

Okay, so maybe squeezing a plastic mouse isn't much different from shaking a plastic cube...

Driftwood Bar and Grille, A Great Time

Calder Music Center

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The Spirit of KJAZ
Listen to a jazz radio tradition since 1959, featuring Jerry Dean.

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