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singles and dating

A great place for love, singles and couples will encounter incredible choices for finding fun. Whether you prefer a crowded, jumping dance floor or a quiet spot for two, sunshine adventures or cuddling by the fire, it’s all here, and it’s all delightful.

Imagine you're a typical guest joining us midweek. For your first evening in town you might attend a movie or play at the Heath Palace. On warm summer nights, Quingle Park Performances showcase playwrights from Sophocles to Shakespeare, Ibsen to Pinter. Wake the next morning to a fine breakfast and plan your day. You might:

Singles can get acquainted at many meet-friendly events in the area or find the right companion through the Heart2Heart Network on Main Street in East Calder.


 » ride a hot-air balloon from the bewildering mists on Kiwani Meadows over the orchards and mansions of Applecross

 » enjoy a summer morning with row-mance on the Winciwin River or Oaskagu Lake

 » sail a small sunfish on Caldera Harbor along the Wapentake for a view of the nature reserve or back across the ships anchored by the Great Docks.

 » take a harbor lunch cruise and let the captain do the sailing and the talking

 » hike to the falls on Whispering River and listen to the voices that inspired its name

 » catch the LRS and nap together on the thick blankets handed out at Mamkiji Beach

As your day winds down, you cab down to the south coast with a basket dinner and a bottle of wine and watch the sun set from Mamkiji or Salida del Sol, where bathing suits aren’t optional but occasionally go missing.

By the weekend you might prefer to leave town by diesel or steam excursion train from St Andrews Station to Lake Suggayoh, the largest body of water in the Black Lakes region. Rent jet-skis for the day, come back for a trout dinner, dance all night to a live band. On a winter's day, take a snowmobile on the lake or curl up on a couch with a hot coffee drink on one of the enclosed porches and watch the skiers and boarders dot the mountains above the lake as logs crackle on the hearth.

Or maybe summer kept you in town because you couldn’t miss the weekly harbor fireworks and bonfires. Inspired by ritual bonfires originally held on the Bedagi Ki by Northica’s indigenous peoples, weekly fireworks displays appear over the harbor from June’s end through mid-September, closing summer with the spectacular September Fires. The colorful, explosive lights cheer hearts from the coast to the islands.

Every day in Northica brings new romantic adventures; just bring your imagination. We welcome you to share in our spirit.

†Quingle Park Performances are presented by BikeWorks, Leithaus Realty, Vinata Labs, and Welt-Strasser AG with the cooperation of the town of East Calder and the Department of Cultural Affairs, Robinsdale County. Additional generous support comes from the Lantine Fund and the Crossbridge Province Foundation.
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The official website for the Northican Convention, Travel, and Visitor’s Bureau, sponsored by the Robinsdale County Chamber of Commerce.

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