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getting around

Northica boasts a complete transportation system built on reliability and environmentally conscious choices. Whether you choose high-tech transit or quaint, restored vehicles, it’s easy to travel from harbor to hills and back in memorable comfort.

By air, land, or sea, travel couldn’t be simpler. Ekim International Airport hosts major airlines in addition to Sky Northica Airways, and the Northica Transit Authority provides high-speed trains, light rail shuttles, and buses.

Arrive in style.

Ride the Spiritliner HST from the capital and watch lakes, valleys, and towns glide past at over 200mph320kph. If you arrive by air you can catch the Spiritliner for a sprint to St Andrews Station in East Calder, or hop on an excursion train and enjoy classic rail travel at its best, with open observation cars, complimentary coffee and croissants, and theme trips (like the monthly Chocolate Express). If you drive your own car down Highway 47, make sure to wave as the Spiritliner passes on its way between the southbound and northbound lanes.

Arriving by water, the north and south ferries provide reliable, comfortable transportation to East Calder Pier. Every three weeks during summer, a lucky few shuttle from a gorgeous cruise ship anchored at the harbor’s mouth for a long weekend visit.

Runnin’ with the pack.

Once at St Andrews Station you can transfer to the town-to-town shuttle system that carries passengers from Salida del Sol to points as far north as Dog Pond in Tinwald. You'll notice the trip is remarkably quiet and clean thanks to a fleet of experimental hydrogen and natural gas powered Brill buses, refurbished 1930s models that redefine public transportation.

Since few private or public vehicles are allowed on the peninsulas, you’ll need to transfer to one of two completely different rail choices. If you’re heading to Mamkiji Beach or the Wapentake Nature Preserve, the Northica Transit Authority provides a Light Rail Shuttle (LRS). For a trip up to Poji Point Light, the privately owned Howe-Pollard Scenic Railway climbs slowly on reconstructed narrow gauge lines taken from the former nineteenth-century logging operations in Selkirk: Heisler Number 5 and Shay Number 7 chuff to the top as part of a non-profit rail museum established by the Lantine family, helping to protect Poji Point Light Wildlife Sanctuary while preserving history and providing safe and ready access for the public.

For public rail and bus lines you can pay as you travel or purchase daily, weekend, weekly, or monthly passes at the St Andrews Station Visitors Center. Buses include bike racks and run on the quarter hour.

Transport that’s personal.

Cabs meet arriving trains and ferries and also carry bike racks. Yesteryear Cabs features a Model T, three Model As, and other assorted jewels from the thirties, forties, and fifties for downtown travel. If you prefer to drive yourself, car rentals are situated within walking distance from all major connections. While visiting East Calder, underground parking is available under Quingle Park.

When two’s a crowd.

Listen for the gentle hum of triped electrics and you know someone is on a small adventure. Like car rentals, triped and bicycle rentals can be found near major connections for individual travel. If you bike, skateboard, or rollerblade, you can journey on incredible paths along the converted tracks of the former South Run rail line (from the eastern shore west across Calder), follow the special trails that parallel the LRS, or traverse town through select linked alleys designated Travelways. And if you change your mind, you can always bike with a friend.

Put one foot in front of the other.

Don't overlook walking: a stroll along the Main Street found in every town or a vigorous hike along the rocky island paths and sandy shorelines can reveal unexpected wonders. Conservation lands, parks, and beaches all hold special beauty for you to explore in all seasons. Cross-country skiing lets you set a different pace under winter's bright sun.

Don't forget comfortable shoes; the best walking and hiking shoes are made in Calder.

A little help from friends.

Tour buses begin at St Andrews Station and East Calder Pier and depart on hourly schedules. If you enjoy flying, aerial tours out of Ekim present an eagle's view of the region. Finally, guided walking tours of the East Calder and Calder historic districts reveal private details you won't find in any pamphlet or brochure.

The fine art of nature. Northicart Gallery.

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