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Northicart Gallery

Featuring exclusive original artwork, Northicart Gallery specializes in decorative and fine art that brings to life the times and places of Northica. We present the finest work by contemporary Northican artists, including the bright, often dramatic vision of Willem Hawthorne Binney, the photographic simplicity of Roth Cain, and the edgier, more aggressive tone of Malmsteen.

We also represent new talent within a global context, especially artists contributing their life’s efforts to art and discovery. Already the home of second impressionism, We continue seeking the absolute best; Northicart Gallery is often rated “best gallery” and was named Best of Northica in 1999 and 2005.

With our online catalog we strive to reduce clutter and noise that distract from viewing artwork. We hope to showcase the images with a clean presentation yet offer the web features you need to browse the collection.

While we continue to make more of our catalog available online, please visit our galleries in East Calder and Calder for our complete selection.

— Elle Chisamba, Director and Curator
member ADAN, Northica Guild of Design

Tuesday through Saturday 11:00a–7:00p
and by appointment

submissions welcome

east calder: 77 Upper Main at Sapphire St
(across from Quingle Park)

calder: 151 Etherington St
(in the historic mills district)

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