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Northicart Gallery


Northicart Gallery loves viewing new work, and we travel extensively to fairs, exhibitions, museums, galleries, and independent spaces. We also take notice of the “artist on the street” working en plein air (ask Ms. Trinh). We listen to the comments and observations of the viewers and enjoy striking up conversations with artists.

If you’re interested in presenting your work for submission, please review the works in our gallery first. If you believe your work would be appropriate for us to exhibit, please submit your work online or by mail as follows:

  • No originals or models
  • Your name and contact information
  • List of work submitted, each with title, description, and estimated retail value
  • Slides, photographs, web images, CD, DVD, USB flash drive, or website location
  • Each work clearly labeled with your name
  • Brief cover letter and artist statement
  • Email subject or envelope titled Artwork Submission

Send email submissions to email.

After receiving your work:

  • We review submissions as they arrive and generally respond submissions within 1 to 2 months.
  • Submissions can also be left at our gallery in Calder or East Calder.
  • We showcase all our work on a 50% consignment basis.

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