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Northicart Gallery

Take care of your art prints from Northicart Gallery and they will outlast you.

Protect Prints from Light

Avoid exposing prints to direct sunlight and take care with artificial light (especially fluorescents and unshielded, standard white bulbs). If you have special lighting for artwork, don’t leave the lights on all the time, but only when you’re enjoying the art (you probably already conserve electricity this way). When you frame your print, use glass that filters ultraviolet light that damages prints.

If you are concerned about light’s effects on your print, rotate artwork.


Relative humidity should be between 40% and 60%. Excess humidity can result in mold and foxing (brown spots sprinkled over the print) and attract pests.

The Gentle Touch

Clean your hands before touching artwork; experts recommend wearing white cotton gloves.

Mount your print behind an acid-free mat and keep your print from direct contact with the frame’s glass.

Lighting Your New Art

Consider the following points:

  • Light the entire piece evenly
  • Light specifically intended for the artwork shouldn’t spread larger than the artwork (otherwise use general lighting)
  • Experiment with lighting; different bulbs and effects can improve or distract from a print’s display
  • Take care with halogen bulbs and ensure they aren't too close to your print
  • Anti-glare glass can reduce reflections but make the artwork appear fuzzy
  • Incandescent light adds yellow tones to artwork

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