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calculations & conversions

  • Acceleration Conversion. Converts acceleration measurements (centimeters, meters, kilometers, feet, miles, and knots).
  • Amortization Schedule. Calculates an amortization schedule for a given loan amount, duration, and simple interest rate.
  • Area Conversion. Converts area measurements (square meters, inches, feet, yards, rods, chains, roods, acreas, and miles).
  • Calculator. Calculates addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, x², square root, 1/x, percent, ex (Euler’s constant, approximately 2.178, to the power of x), π, logarithm, 10x, cosine, sine, and tangent.
  • Energy Conversion. Converts energy and work measurements (joules, meter-kilograms, foot-pounds, kilowatt-hours, metric horsepower-hours, US horsepower-hours, liter-atmospheres, kilocalorie, and British thermal units).
  • Heat Index and Windchill. Calculates the heat index for a given temperature and relative humidity and wind chill for a given temperature and wind speed.
  • Length Conversion. Converts length measurements (inches, feet, yards, miles, chains, centimeters, meters, and kilometers).
  • Liquid Conversion. Converts liquid measurements (ounces, pints, quarts, gallons, barrels, gills, minims, and drams).
  • Mass Conversion. Converts mass measurements (kilograms, grains, troy ounces, avoirdupois ounces, troy pounds, avoirdupois pounds, short tons, long tons, and metric tons).
  • Numeric Base Conversion. Converts values between number systems (decimal, hexadecimal, binary, octal).
  • Temperature Conversion. Converts temperature measurements (Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin).
  • Velocity Conversion. Converts velocity measurments (centimeters per second, meters per second, meters per minute, kilometers per hour, feet per second, feet per minute, miles per hour, and knots).
  • Volume Conversion. Converts volume measurements (cubic inches, feet, yards; fluid ounces, liquid quarts, dry quarts, gallons, bushels, and liters).
  • Windchill and Heat Index. Calculates wind chill for a given temperature and wind speed and heat index for a given temperature and relative humidity.

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  • Webpage Color Constrast Test. Displays foreground (text) and background colors as entered by the user and calculates their webpage contrast ratio based on working guidelines recommended by the W3 consortium and Hewlett-Packard. Values entered as hexadecimal numbers and display in both hexadecimal and decimal. Also displays inverse colors.

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