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e a s t e r . e g g s

Named for the tradition where children search for hidden eggs at Easter, playful "eggs" can be hidden in any media. All easter eggs share one goal: to lead to a bonus or unexpected result. An egg can be a hypertext link, keyboard key sequence, mouse click, poetic reference, or player button that provides access to a message or feature, usually for humorous or entertaining effect.

Before interactive media, easter eggs could be found in poems by reading the first letter of each line as a word or phrase, by unshuffling anagrams, even by simply spelling titles or place-names backwards. Part of the entertainment is finding the egg, disguised by its design or obscure operation.

Besides entertainment and tricks, easter eggs make possible a simpler environment that lets the viewer access more material without adding clutter or confusion to an interface. This material is usually interesting extra information that would detract from the main presentation were it included directly.

While easter eggs are meant to reward patient and interested observers for their careful attention, many people are curious but fail to find or notice eggs. For these people, websites have appeared devoted to identifying easter eggs and revealing their locations and their surprises.

On, easter eggs appear everywhere to connect related webpages, offer additional details, display jokes, and keep our audience attentive. We often hide links within paragraphs so you can read the unhidden messages clearly, and avoid excessive underlines and text colors.

Good luck exploring; we add easter eggs regularly and change existing ones, too.

To find an easter egg requires awareness and a little suspicion. Clicking objects on webpages and software games is common: a word with suggestive potential (like disguised) or a superficially innocent item (like a desk drawer) might reveal small treasures; using a control in an unexpected manner, such as pressing fast forward and rewind buttons together on a CD player, could access an unlisted music track.


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